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Welcome to Art in Wood , the showcase for our work on the web. 

We live and work in Toowoomba in southeast Queensland, Australia, having moved here in 2006 after a lifetime of farming - no regrets!  We both love to spend much of our time turning, although one of us has a "real" job as well.  Most of our work has input from both of us, with consultation as to design, the right piece of timber, and the perfect finish.

Much of our recent work has included art or collectable pieces, and is continually evolving with new designs and skills still waiting to be tried and mastered.  Of course we also enjoy making all the traditional turnings such as bowls, platters, containers, and hollow forms.

Like all turners, we love collecting timber.  Our annual holiday is usually a road trip around half of Australia, so we always come home weighing much more than when we left - lucky we have a ute.  Add this to our frequent woodturning weekends at various venues in eastern Australia, and you can imagine the amount and variety of timber stored in our large shed, just waiting for us to turn it.  Now we just have to live and turn until we are 100.

All our work is priced in Aus dollars, and can be shipped worldwide.  




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