Bowls and Platters


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          Blackbutt Burl                   Bunya Pine                     Camphor Laurel                  Jarrah                              Camphor Laurel

             50cm x 10cm                    30cm x 9cm                       55cm x 5cm                  27cm x 5cm                           21cm x 8cm





  Pierced camphor laurel        Painted Camphor Laurel          Jacaranda and Paint        Natural Edge Mulga                     Unknown

          21cm x 6cm                         24cm x 3.5cm                  22cm x 5cm                      21cm x 9cm                           26cm x 4cm






        Redgum Burl                         Pierced Sheoak                       Jacaranda                        Jacaranda and Paint             Redgum Calabash

      29cm x 7.5cm                         15.5cm x 5cm                        20cm x 8cm                          20cm x 7.5cm                      26cm x 11cm



Camphor Laurel Pot Pourie

13cm x 5cm


Black Heart Sassafras

17cm x 4.5cm


Tasmanian Myrtle

43cm x 7cm






River Redgum Burl

51cm x 9cm





Bunya Pine + Paint

23.5cm x 5cm






Blackheart Sassafras

20cm x 5cm


 River Redgum Burl

50cm x 9cm





Huon Pine

22cm x 3cm






14cm x 5cm




Redgum Burl & Brass

17cm x 5cm





 Jacaranda & Black Paint

23cm x 5cm


Camphor Laurel Calabash

20cm x 9cm






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